1. Anonymous said: Sorry maybe one day. Just savour the fact that I think you're gorgeous.

    Next time I’m in port??

  2. carry-on-my-wayward-butt:

    ""but that book character has blue/grey/light eyes so obviously they’re white!!"" ://///

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  3. preludetowind:

    "Many of my movies have strong female leads - brave, self-sufficient girls that don’t think twice about fighting for what they believe in with all their heart. They’ll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a savior. Any woman is just as capable of being a hero as any man." - Hayao Miyazaki

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  4. dykesupremacy:

    why do guys on the bus gotta sit with their legs open as wide as possible?
    why do guys on the bus expect me to make myself as small as possible so they can be a big as they want?
    why do guys act so offended when i dare to take up any space at all? they’re pathetic and weak.

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  5. Lord of the Rings Alphabet
    » F is for F O O D

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  6. ravenclaw-queen:

    In which Draco and Harry dress a little too quickly after a meeting

    I don’t even ship it and this is awesome

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  8. "2014 is not a good year to be a teenage girl. The last of the 90’s kids are growing up and we are starting to see the effects of being raised with the Internet. For generations before us, hormonal teenage boys looking for sexy images of women had limited options; they could brave the embarrassment of going to the counter and buying Playboy, they could look through their sister’s Cosmo or they could use their imagination. Porn today has rid itself of the embarrassment-factor by embracing the anonymity of the World Wide Web; Playboy isn’t really considered to be porn anymore, the real stuff lives in your phone, on your laptop, your tablet; it is available anywhere, anytime at the touch of a button. In fact this very website receives a steady stream of hits that result from someone googling some combination of ‘housekeeping porn’ + ‘sex’, ‘lesbian’ and/or ‘rape’. As you read this, somewhere there is an eleven-year-old boy curiously typing ‘porn’ into Google, probably hoping to see some big boobies. Fast forward a couple of years and he is masturbating to a video of a crying woman who is being tied down, simultaneously penetrated by three men, spanked, and being called a whore. Young boys are being de-sensitized to violence and the more they consume, the more abusive, the more graphic the porn has to be to excite them."
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    i think i can accurately say that i can crush a man’s head with my thighs

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  10. stormbornvalkyrie:

    "Jalan Atthirari Anni." Moon of My Life

    "Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni." My Sun and Stars

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    FREE illegal drugs!!!!! ABSOLUTELY FREE weeds and meths and crystal cracks!!!! NO charge AT ALL!!!!!!! JUST CALL THIS NUMBER AND ASK FOR THE ILLEGAL DRUGS ————> 911


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    when u cum before u get to ur favorite part of the video



    when ur carrying 2 plastic bags and both of them break at the same time


    i’m not sure what just happened but it feels in balance….

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  13. Fan: The three of you seem really close, but I was wondering if you could tell us the best quality and most annoying habit of each other. [x]

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    Disney is a Magical Place (30 Pics)

    Can I be Sally?? PLEASE OMFG

    the deadmau5 photo tho ha ha ha

    This is why I love Disney



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